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Dr. McLuhan – You’ve Hurt My Feelings, Sir:

October 13, 2011

Dr. McLuhan – You’ve Hurt My Feelings, Sir.

In The Demanding Age: An Anthology of Assorted Contemporary Literature (1970 Toronto: McGraw-Hill Book Company of Canada Limited), edited by Ronald Side and Ralph Greenfield, there is a letter to Marshall McLuhan with curious notes on the back. In the volume is reprinted The Reversal of the Overheated Image.

The letter is from Irma Coucill, of Toronto, who was apparently connected with the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, according to Eric McLuhan, and reads:

Dr. Marshall McLuhan
Communications Expert
3 Wychwood Park

Dr. McLuhan:

I am not a cyclops, nor a one-eyed
You’ve hurt my feelings, sir.

Yours truly,
Irma Coucill

391 Broadway Ave
Toronto 12

The notes on the reverse are a bit hard to read, but here’s my interpretation:

Turd that turned hairy in idend (identity?) quest

(?) Mrs. Smog-butz went into retrograde (?) and turned turtle

(?) for somatic somnabules in dumpest mud of
quadrangular miasma

The sesquapalan bog of the labyrinth

New grammar for new garbage

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  1. November 14, 2011 4:09 pm

    MM once compared the University, which is blended with the modern service environment of the City, to a Cyclops or Minotaur — because when the figure joins with the ground you get a monster. Perhaps he made a similar remark about the Arts and Letters Club?

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