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Wake Collideoroscope

May 17, 2011

Wake Collideoroscope

On page 132, of Continuities in Cultural Evolution [Margaret Mead 1964: Yale University Press] Marshall writes in pencil “she

She Hasn't a Clue

hasn’t a clue about causes of cultural change”. Further on in the volume, there’s a pink page from a memo pad with “write Mead” on it. On that page is written “wake collideoroscope”.

Typically, there are a few newspaper clippings tucked inside. From the August 9, 1964 New York Times Book Review, a review of the book by Sol Tax – Marshall would often include a clipping of a review into the relevant book. Also there is a clipping “A Day of Drums” by Dennis Braithwaite on the one-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death.

Throughout Mead’s book, there are many pencilled notations, many

Write Mead

“c/m” and “c-m”’s in the margins. And in the back of the book, many notes with page references. The above bit about change is also referenced in the back: “132 clueless about change 162” (page 162 has the margin note


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  1. Mark Stahlman permalink
    May 17, 2011 8:57 am


    Are there any works by Norbert Wiener in the collection?

    In the introduction to Wiener’s famous 1948 book “Cybernetics,” he specifically names Mead (and her then husband, Gregory Bateson) as attempting to get him to join their effort to “control” society using cybernetics. He declined based on their lack of understanding about how society actually works.

    My father was a protege of Wiener and told me he was there one late night when they coined the term “cybernetics” with the help of a large bottle of Chianti.

    Mark Stahlman
    Brooklyn NY

  2. January 1, 2015 4:09 pm

    Grade A stuff. I’m unnlastioqebuy in your debt.

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